Clear Polycarbonate sheet are used in many things, and we often get confused as to why we use polycarbonates and not glasses. Though glasses are more commonly known to us, we resort to using polycarbonates for lenses.

There are many areas in which the polycarbonates can be used, but here in this blog, we are going to see how lenses can change in its effectiveness as we shift from glasses and polycarbonates and vice-versa.

People in spectacles commonly use lenses, and the industry is developing with many kinds of lenses being introduced. This has naturally elaborated and enlarged the use of different materials in the making of lenses.

The lenses are such that one has to stick to either glasses or polycarbonates, and no other material can be successfully used. This will include both fashionable shades and specs. In this discussion, we shall not bring in Clear Perspex sheets and keep it for later blogs. Click on the link if you are looking to read about Perspex.

This has naturally excited the demand for Clear Polycarbonate sheet. 

It is not hard to guess that the older ones are glasses, and the ones that have recently come to fashion are the polycarbonates.

So, which material you use?

Do you have any idea of the materials that is used in your glasses or the shades you have?

Why not find out about it! It is good to be informed. Now when you are reading this blog, it is not to find out which sheet your company has used. I am expecting you may be thinking of starting off making lenses either in Clear Polycarbonate sheet or in Glass.

Are you confused about what to do about it? Then here we are telling you all about. Hold tight and keep reading.

The primary material that has been used in making lenses is Glass, and this is coming down to us from like a thousand years. We cannot trace back the time when people started using glasses to read. So, the veteran material that can never be pushed out of the market is Glass, and it is only after this that the others follow. So, let us recognize the importance it has before we try to weigh it against the Clear Polycarbonate sheet.

Advantage of Glass Lenses

The prime area where glasses cannot be beaten is that it is scratch-resistant, and its capability to fight the scratches cannot be overlooked. Due to this, there is no need to add an extra layer of scratch-resistant coating.

How is that? I am sure; you like it! But let us not decide before hearing the other side of the story too.

Even today, we have glasses being used in binoculars, microscopes, and camera lenses. This is because it has excellent clarity that cannot be found in other materials. So, the clarity is the reason so many companies are using glasses instead of shifting to any other content.

Why are people refraining from choosing Glass?

Now, there are several disadvantages that I can show you, and you would want to analyze why Clear Polycarbonate sheet are effectively catching up on the market.

  • Glass is no doubt massive, and it cannot sustain for a very long time. Though it is not easily breakable, the chances of survival are also very shallow.

  • The glasses are no doubt quite useful when it comes to scratches, but it is not as good when it comes to shattering and cracking. Pretty much what I said in the point before this!

  • The other issue is that glasses do not provide UV protection, and with growing health, we are well aware of the fact that UV protection is of prime importance.

That was all about glasses.

Why choose Polycarbonates?

Now let us get back to the Clear Polycarbonate sheet and see how and why these sheets are doing so great and capturing the market at such a high speed. There must be something about it!

Why not find that out.

  • Polycarbonates made lenses are exposed to all kinds of impact, but with polycarbonates, you can keep away all the result as it is impact resistant.

  • Is it not a great thing to hear?

  • If we compare it to Glass, then we shall see that it is much lighter than glass and is quite thin.

  • With the strength that polycarbonates offer, thinness and lightweight come ad bonus, and these are two prime reasons for its increasing use in industries and households and, of course, the main topic that we are talking about here, lenses.

Clear Polycarbonate sheetare great to have, and it does not cost much. I am being asked to pick one out of polycarbonate and Glass; then definitely I am going to choose the former. This may be different from different people, but if we look at it statistically, then we shall realize that it is polycarbonates that are taking over glasses at quite a good pace. However, there are a few people who still swear by glasses because of the authenticity that it provides.

So, what kind of person are you?

Are you more of the type who sticks to the traditional things or likes to go with the pace and innovations. Tell us!

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Why Choose Cut to Size?

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