Before we are going to discuss Perspex suppliers in Melbourne, we need to know what Perspex is and why it is so popular these days. Perspex is a premium brand of acrylic, which is one of the oldest synthetic materials available in the world. The perspex plastic is a synthetic polymer, chemically known as polymethyl methacrylate. Let us provide you with some secret information that will help you to understand that Perspex is not only using in these days, but it was used in the past few decades also. Since it is a robust and shatters resistant material; it was used in World War II for various purposes such as gun turrets, periscopes, and canopies.

 One of the trademark Perspex suppliers in Melbourne is providing practical, versatile, functional and high performing perspex sheets that deserve to be put on a pedestal! Perspex is a vast topic; it has lots of advantages, features and also a long history. If you wish to find that trademark supplier, let us allow to tell a bit story about this wonderful material. Let us allow to discuss the fact that why are we considering it as a great option over the glass? Now we are taking you directly to the track of Perspex: from material composition to its application by touching every path. Stay with us.

Material composition- a brief history

Perspex is the synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate and was developed in 1928 by many chemists in different laboratories. The polymethyl methacrylate doesn’t contain potentially harmful bisphenol-A. Therefore it will not create any negative impact on your family’s health if you install it in your home. The trademark Perspex suppliers in Melbourne is offering completely amorphous PMMA that is routinely produced by radial polymerization. For an example, near about 4.4lb of petroleum is needed to produce 2.2lb of Perspex. On the other hand, the highest quality Perspex is produced by cell casting, i.e., the concurrently occur steps of molding and the polymerization.

Key features- the mandatory point

Perspex has a variety of industrial and architectural applications due to its outstanding properties. Now we are taking you to the world of Perspex’s key features.


This is one of the important points that come to our mind when we decide to buy material. The trademark Perspex suppliers in Melbourne is providing standard Perspex sheet that has modified impact grades and 20 times greater impact strength than float glass. It makes it international recognization as a safety glazing material by meeting the requirements of ANSI Z.97 and BS 6262. It has passed the entire impact test.

Exceptional light transmission with no optical distortion

Clear Perspex in Melbourne is offering 92% transmission of all visible light. On the other hand, it is offering exceptional clarity with no inherent edge colour. You can’t expect that much transmission and clarity from any other material, not even from the glass.

Excellent resistance to chemical and weather

The trademark Perspex suppliers in Melbourne is providing excellent chemical as well as weather resistant Perspex sheet that will not change significantly its visual appearance and the physical performance too.

Tough surface, significant gloss

Perspex is one of the toughest thermoplastic. It has an aesthetically attractive surface that remain its gloss for many years than any other plastic products. On the other hand, it has a wide range of transparent tints along with opal colours that are providing maximum design freedom.

Great thermoformability, high service temperature

The trademark Perspex suppliers in Melbourne is offering high-quality Perspex that is easy to thermoform. It only needs low-cost tooling. Perspex is well known for its maximum service temperature of 80-85 degree centigrade that minimizes the risk of thermal distortion.

Low density, i.e., lightweight

Perspex has half of the density of an equivalent glass panel. Therefore it has half of the weight of same dimensional glass too. For this reason, Perspex is easy to transport, support and installed.


Perspex is 100% recyclable.

Low maintenance

The trademark Perspex suppliers in Melbourne is offering high-quality Perspex that needs low maintenance. On the other hand, it is effortless to clean. You can clean it with a damp cloth and soap only.

There are lots of features! Not it? Well, every key feature is useless without its uses. Perspex has a limitless application, let’s find out!


Perspex has several architectural and commercial applications. Today’s homeowners are demanding more of it to decorate their indoor as well as outdoor space.


Perspex is using as an extensive range of roofing products. The trademark Perspex suppliers in Melbourne is providing Perspex sheet that has a variety of application in roofing such as continuous roof lights, molded dome lights, barrel vaults and so on. Since it has excellent optical clarity, it will create a natural environment inside your home.

Security glazing

In modern days Perspex is using as security glazing to create protection against projectiles from handguns or any other firearms. You only need a correct thickness Perspex sheet. As we said Perspex has exceptional clarity, so it is a particularly attractive option for the protection of a prestigious office as well as banks. The Perspex sheets that are supplying by the trademark Perspex suppliers in Melbourne is helping to add design appeal in your place because it is free from metal framing and has self-supporting structures.

Display and advertising media

Perspex is useful to create an eye-catching counter display that is ideal for many retail settings. It will enhance the look of the display so that your commercial product can get highlighted in the banner. You can also display your products on the slat of the wall shop fitting system. It is designed specially to fit in your retail environment. Since the transparency of Perspex is allowing to view more efficiently, it enhances the product that is on the display.

Apart from this three, there is much more application of a Perspex sheet. You can call the trademark supplier for more information.

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