When we talk about the plastic industry, it is needless to mention that polycarbonates are an essential material. Not just that, it is also a versatile material that is consumed in so many industries that we cannot make a complete list of.

So, before we get into other details about Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourne, here are a few things that we must know about polycarbonates:

What is Polycarbonate Sheets?

  • Polycarbonates are thermoplastic. It usually is supplied in transparent sheets. The main strength of it lies in being moisture resistant. This also makes it weather resistance. All these add to its unmatchable power.

  • Well, the list of goodness attached to it is not just limited to the above. It is also chemical resistant and flame-retardant. 

  • It is durable, like anything. It does not quickly wither away. It stays over the decades. Once you buy it, you may not need to buy it ever again. Some of the high-end brands supplying Polycarbonate Sheet Melbourne give upto 30-40 years of warranty.

  • It is easy to shape and bend. Thus it is used in several areas. It is also used in toys and baby vehicles. It is sanitary and safe to use. Does not cause any damage to health.

Where are Polycarbonates used?

Like mentioned above, it is impossible to list out all the things that make use of polycarbonates. Yet, we have jotted down a few that will help get an idea:

The beautiful skylights that you set on the ceilings of your house is made up of polycarbonates. Is it not pleasing to look at!

Often the use of glass is abstained because of the accident that might occur due to harsh weather.Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourne is the best option to go for.

Others include window glazing, enclosures, food processing equipment, medical equipment and exhibits & displays.

Another quite an important area where polycarbonate suppliers supply the maximum amount of polycarbonates is building and manufacturing. The question is how polycarbonates can become such an important building and construction material?

How are polycarbonates able to become such an important building and manufacturing material?

  • The number one choice of manufacturers is polycarbonates, and the main reason behind it is the unmatchable strength. Also, along with power, it is not rigid. It is quite flexible. So flexibility and strength are the two major reasons why it is the prime choice of industries.

  • Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourneremains scratch free and is resistant to weather. This means that bad weather cannot damage polycarbonates. It is going to stay scratch-free. For specific uses, the transparent sheet must stay stretch free. This is correctly fixed with polycarbonates.

  • Insulating property is a feature that we need to have in certain situations and when we talk about building and manufacturing. So, the next important element of Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourne is insulation.

  • Adding to the list of advantages, polycarbonates come in different formulations. This also acts as an essential reason for its extensive sales.

So, now you must have formulated an idea of what polycarbonates are.

Moving on, we have to see what the differences between acrylics and polycarbonate are. We also have to see which one is better if we have to pick one amongst the two.

How are polycarbonates different from acrylics?

Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourneand acrylic are well known transparent plastics and quite high in demand in a lot of industries. The two have numerous advantages. However, as a customer, you may think that the two are same. No, they are not!

There are points of differences that we are going to highlight here:


Both are lightweight and way stronger than glass. But which is more influential among the two? Well, it is polycarbonates. So, if you are looking for something strong than polycarbonates are the best choice you are going to make.

Light Transmission

Light transmission is an important feature that is needed. When we talk about Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourne and acrylic, light transmission is better in acrylic, which is 92%. You decide what you are looking for.


We are also going to talk about transparency here. Hence, out of the two, which is better in clarity? Well, both are equally clear. But acrylic can be polished to get clarity once the clarity starts to deteriorate. Hence, in this regard, acrylic can be regarded as a better option.


Acrylic can deal with a heat that is 190 F while polycarbonate can handle heat up to 240F. Now there is nothing right and bad about this feature. Depending on the need, one can make a choice.

So, what are you choosing? Also, these are not grocery and fashion choices. It is an industrial choice. Many factors come into play while choosing between Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourne and acrylic.

Cutting and Welding

Both are quite easy to cut and weld, and for this reason, they are used in such large numbers. However, if we compare the two, we will see that acrylic is more comfortable to cut than polycarbonates.


An essential part of making things out of acrylic and polycarbonate is drilling. So, if drilling does not get along well, then there may be issues. We see that polycarbonates are better than the acrylic in drilling because it does not crack at the edge. Apart from this, polishing is done better in acrylics.

Hope this was enough for you to decide in or out of favour of Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourne.

How to get the best Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourne?

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We hope you get the best product and your money is worth the spending. Till then good luck to you and take care.