Acrylic is known as polyacrylate is an umbrella term that is used to refer to all kind of thermoplastic. It is a petroleum based product and has created from the derivation of natural gases. Acrylic mainly Clear Acrylic cut to size has various applications in these days due to its transparency, optical clarity, and high impact strength. Acrylic has a special quality; you can mold or handcraft it easily according to requirements. Since cast acrylic is very similar to glass material yet has high impact strength. Thus it is used as the best alternative to glass. Also, it is one of the clearest plastics available in the market. Significant amount of populations are enjoying the advantages of its natural transparency and high impact resistance of certain variants. Clear Acrylic cut to size is commercially available in a wide range of colors, and the constituent raw materials are allowing a complete range of light transmission up to 92% of natural light. If material strength is your point of concern, Acrylic cut to size Melbourne should be your desired choice.

History of Acrylic

Acrylic has a history; it was first produced in the year 1928 and then introduced it to customers five years later by Rohm and Hass Company. In World War II it was used for several purposes. It was first used in submarine periscope and then day by day it was used in airplane windows, turrets, and canopies.

How did Clear Acrylic cut to size forms?

Acrylic has a chemical name polymethyl methacrylate. The name signifies that it is a homopolymer formed by a reacting monomer, which methyl methacrylate with the help of a catalyst through a process is called bulk polymerization. After formation, acrylic plastics are available in three forms in the market, i.e., flat sheets, elongated shapes, and the molding powder.

Why acrylic has the vast application?

These days acrylic is one of the well-demanding materials and has several applications. Before you are deciding to buy it, you should know the benefits of this material. Clear Acrylic cut to size has some essential features such as:-


Acrylic is very sturdy material. It has high impact strength, i.e., 20 times greater impact strength than glass material.


Acrylic is one of the well known durable materials. The less inter-molecular space of acrylic polymer makes it durable.

Optical clarity

Acrylic has exceptional optical clarity, which is far better than glass material. On the other hand, it doesn’t create any optical distortion.

Excellent impact resistance

Clear Acrylic cut to size has significant impact resistance. It also has excellent weather as well as chemical resistance. It has abrasion resistance too.

Cutting and finishing

You can cut or bent an acrylic sheet without any break and cracked. You also can do the clod turned to any angles according to your requirements and also curved it without significant heating.

Uses of Acrylic sheets Melbourne- a complete guide:

Due to its excellent characteristics, acrylic is making its popularity high among significant Australian population. It is a lighter, stronger, and of course, safer material that makes it to the best alternative option of glass. On the other hand, it has brilliant optical clarity and exceptional translucency that is another reason for its all-around popularity too. When it comes about the uses of Clear Acrylic cut to size, people have lots of question. We understand your point, so we are discussing those questions one by one here.

How much effort one have to put to cut an acrylic sheet?

Acrylic is lighter density material, so it is effortless to cut and fit. You can do the entire project with the help of your home using tools like a knife, power saw, hand saw, etc. you only need to ensure the thickness of the acrylic sheet and also your desired shape.

What is the best possible working temperature of an acrylic sheet?

Clear Acrylic cut to size don’t have such fixed working temperature, you can use it in a vast range of temperatures, from -24 degree Celsius to 71 degree Celsius for continuous service and you can go up to 88 degree Celsius for short intermittent use. For high-temperature range, you can use water as a coolant.

Is it really easy to drill an acrylic sheet?

Yes, acrylic is easy to drill; you only need to use a drill that has specially designed for acrylic sheet. You can get the best result if you take proper care, technique and use a correct ground drill over an ordinary hand drill.

How one can get a perfect finish off from an acrylic sheet?

If you wish to get the better finish off a Clear Acrylic cut to size, you need to scrap it first and then file. You can discard it correctly with the help of a clean, sharp, hard and square edge tool such as a clean back of a knife blade. On the other hand, it is essential to file on an angle to keep the acrylic surface teeth flat.

Is it tough to clean an acrylic sheet?

No, you can clean Clear Acrylic cut to size to make more transparent with the help of mild soap or detergent, lukewarm water, and a soft cloth. You need to avoid any kind of chemical cleaners, solvents, or scourer because they can damage your acrylic.

If you want a glass-like clarity and transparency, you can give polish for high shine. You can do polish by using a suitable paste for acrylic or by using a sandpapering technique.

Can someone use Clear Acrylic cut to size instead of glass sheet?

It is one of the significant questions these days asked by almost every people. We are giving you a comparison that will help you to understand which is better.

  • Impact strength: Acrylic is 20 times higher than glass.
  • Transparency: where acrylic transmitted up to 90% of light, glass can do only 80%.
  • Fragile nature: Glass is more fragile than acrylic. Acrylic doesn’t break into small fragments.
  • Clarity: Clear Acrylic cut to size has better optical clarity than glass; on the other hand it doesn’t have any optical distortion.
  • Weight: as you know the lighter weight of the material is useful to fit it into any space. Acrylic has half of the weight of glass, so it is effortless to fit it in any place.

So you can reward yourself if you buy acrylic sheet over glass sheet or any other plastic sheet.

Where can I use Clear Acrylic cut to size?

You can use acrylic for various purposes. Such as:-

For Furniture protection:

Acrylic has the ability to protect your room inside temperature from external sunlight mainly the UV rays. So, if you use it in your window, it will ensure your family’s health too.

Colour splashbacks:

You can use acrylic in kitchen and bathroom splashbacks because they are active, durable, grout-less and weatherproof material. On the other hand, it is easy to install too. It is a practical solution to keep your bathroom or kitchen surface shine for a long time.

Mirror furniture:

Mirror furniture that is made up of Clear Acrylic cut to size is one of the great ways to decorate your space due to its beautiful appearance. Since it is affordable, you can save extra expenses.

Apart from that, you can use it in the coffee table, light table and many more.

Is it right that Cut To Size Acrylic Melbourne is supplying only top quality acrylic sheet?

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