Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne, a leading supplier of Acrylic and polycarbonate material including Perspex, plexiglass, and Lexan. These days significant Australian population are choosing us as a wonderful option in plastic’s world due to our high-quality yet cheap materials. From our site, you will get a variety of materials that have a variety of features as well as applications. We will discuss one by one so that you can get a clear idea about our product range. We are the one and only Acrylic suppliers in Melbourne who is offering cheap acrylic sheet that has enormous benefits.

So we are taking you in the material world of Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne. We will give you a clear overview of every material we are providing.

Acrylic: the advantages

Acrylic is a petroleum-based thermoplastic material that has created from the derivation of natural gases. It is a homopolymer formed through the process of bulk polymerization. It is one of the most evident plastics available in the market. It has a small history; first, it was, produced in 1928 and then brought to market five years later by Rohm and Hass Company. These days it is using in various brand names including Perspex and Plexiglass. To know the benefits of Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne’s acrylic material you need to know the benefits of both Perspex and plexiglass.

Perspex: features and benefits

Perspex, a premium brand of acrylic, has several characteristics as well as applications. Here are some key features that make it well demanding:-

  • If strength and durability is your point of concern, perspex plastic is an excellent choice due to its higher impact strength. It has up to 20% greater impact strength than glass.
  • It has excellent impact resistance, i.e., better weather and chemical resistance.
  • It is durable material and doesn’t get shatter into tiny fragments if it gets a break.
  • Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne’s Perspex is one of the toughest thermoplastic available in the market.
  • It has a vast range of transparent tints along with opal colors, which is providing maximum design option.
  • It has greater clarity with no optical distortion. On the other hand, it is 100% recyclable.

Perspex has several residential and commercial applications. If you have a retail store and you want to attract your customer’s attention by highlighting your brand clearly, it will help you by providing dependable store fixtures. Therefore in the advertising industry, it has a high demand.

Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne’s Perspex has high demand among the significant population for their residential; use. Since it has excellent optical clarity and no optical distortion, you can use it as your home’s window glass. You can save your power bills by using it as your skylight. Today’s homeowners are using it as their roofing purpose due to its strong, durable and transparent nature.

Plexiglass: features and benefits

Plexiglass is another premium brand of Acrylic plastic. It is a hard plastic made up of a synthetic polymer. It has an extensive range of properties as well as potential applications due to its high impact strength and weather resistibility. Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne’s plexiglass is a man-made material that consists of one or more derivatives of acrylic acid. It has some useful characteristics such as:-

  • It has exceptional transparency. Where glass can pass up to 80% of natural light through it, plexiglass can pass up to 90%.
  • It has excellent resistance to shattering than a glass sheet of equivalent dimension. On the other hand, it doesn’t break into small fragments, which is safe for your kids and pets.
  • It has excellent weather and chemical resistance property. After many years of use, you can expect the same color as you have seen earlier.
  • Standard plexiglass of Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne is effortless to cut and fit in your required place due to its lightweight.
  • It is very useful to create UV coatings in the window glass so that your family can get protection from external harmful UV rays.

Plexiglass has lots of applications too like Perspex. These days it is mainly using to build security glazing. It is the preferred choice among those, who want to make an aquarium and a greenhouse in their place. Most homeowners are using it as their roofing shades and as window glass. You can use Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne’s plexiglass as your retail shop’s display to promote your business brand.

Polycarbonate: the advantages

Polycarbonate is a natural transparent and amorphous thermoplastic available in a variety of colors. It has incredible impact strength more than acrylic and glass. It is very useful for the place, where higher impact resistance and transparency is required. It is also used to produce a variety of materials that have high impact strength. It has some remarkable characteristics such as:-

  • It has higher impact strength than acrylic and glass, up to 250 times better than that of glass material.
  • Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne is providing polycarbonate that is easy to cut and drill without any crack or break.
  • It can be bent to any angles and curves without heating. So you can fit in your required place without that much effort.
  • Polycarbonate acts like self-extinguisher. It has excellent fire extinguishing properties.
  • It is the ultimate explicit plastic glazing material due to its abrasion resistant UV coating.

Plexiglass has a variety of applications. Nowadays it is using to make plastic lenses for eyewear and several medical devices. It is also useful to build external lighting fixtures. Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne’s polycarbonate will help you to get clear prototype windows.

Lexan: features and benefits

Lexan is not an individual material; it is a brand of polycarbonate, i.e., a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. Lexan sheet suppliers are providing a solid substance that can deform only in extreme heat. It has several key features and uses such as:-

  • It has a higher impact resistance. Almost 250 times greater than glass material.
  • It has a low level of flammability. It has self-extinguishing property too.
  • Lexan is well known for its low rigidity and it can be brought into flexible grades.
  • Cut to size Acrylic Melbourne’s lexan has high resistance to chemicals and acids.
  • It can tolerate high temperature up to 147 degree Celsius.

For the above characteristics, it is using in the full range of application these days such as window shades, windshields, automobile windows, machinery guards, bullet-proof glass, computer and phone cases, reusable drinking bottles, LED light pipes as well as diffusers, transparent visors of football and hockey helmets and so on. Lexan has the latest range of capabilities that is nothing less than a modern marvel.

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