There are so many new products, especially of homes that are made up of Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets.

We have been using it without even realizing it. Some of the examples are DVDs, headlamps, bulletproof glasses and kitchenware. These are some of the significant products where Lexan polycarbonate is the prime input.

With a formulation and chemical composition that Lexan has, it has become the most crucial plastic in the world.

What is Lexan?

The most important thing to note is that Lexan is not a material but a brand name. With the company becoming so well-known, polycarbonates are often known as Lexan.

To be more precise Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets are resin thermoplastic. Another way of describing it is that it is a hard substance that can change its shape or get deformed when putting under extreme heat.

We hope that is clear. Now that the meaning of Lexan is clear let us move forward and find out more about the same products.

What are the essential features of Lexan Polycarbonates?

The molecules set in any product change when heated or cooled down. It is the molecules that give shape to the outer frame of anything. In polycarbonates, molecules are made up of repeating subunits. The level of heat that is required to deform the polycarbonates is 147 degree Celsius. 

After going through all the process what we get is a substance that is 250 times stronger than glass. Well, you would be delighted to know that it is also 30 times stronger than acrylic. So, go for Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets.

The group of thermoplastic is vast, and Lexan is one of the many. The main reason why it is chosen above others is that it is too strong and it can be changed in shape without cracking or breaking. 

Reason for its growing popularity

Now that it is known Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets are demanded in colossal quantity let us look at some of the reasons for its increasing popularity:

The first thing to mention is that it is high in resistivity. This is the first and the foremost thing that has made Lexan being demanded so much, across many industries. 

Let us go through the other features that make it great and also let us talk about Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet Uses :

  • It has high impact resistance. It has 250 times more impact resistance than glass.
  • Low rigidity! This is what makes it great. There is high resistivity, but the stiffness is quite small. It can be made into shapes through bending and drilling.

  • It can handle temperature upto 240 degrees.
  • There is high resistance of acidity. Acid is a hard substance which can be damaging on anything. Yet, polycarbonates are resistant to acids. Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets has strength over a range of categories.

  • As mentioned above, it can easily be drilled, and you do not have to worry about cracking. Often while drilling the ends get broken. This is not the case in polycarbonates.

  • The inflammability is also quite low.

Looking at all the benefits, it may seem like it is a perfect material. Yes, it is! But many things can be classified as demerits. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the problems in polycarbonates:

Not Scratch Free

Scratch is something that we do not want over thermoplastic or glass. While some of the thermoplastics and glass are scratch-free, we see that Lexan polycarbonates are not good at it. So yes! It does get scratches. So do not take scratches in Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets for granted.


Well, price is the most important thing that we as consumers want to enjoy. So, if you are looking for higher affordability, then we are sorry to inform you that it is more expensive than other thermoplastics. It is also higher in price than glass.


Though the resistivity is quite high, it is not so resistance to abrasiveness. So, it gets sensitive to abrasive materials.


It can also be dented. So, these are some of the issues that have to be kept in mind when you are looking for Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets.

Moving further, we have got a lot of other things to say. Before buying Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets, this information about polycarbonates must be known to us.

As a whole, it is quite the right product, and one cannot argue that polycarbonates are low in quality. Here, one thing has to be taken in the care of. Yes, it is the brand. When the brand is good, there will not be much of issue. You are lucky to have Lexan. The brand has maintained quality wherever it supplies products. You can easily rely on it.

Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets are used in many places, and here we are going to list out some of how these are used:


This is a significant area where the Lexan is used. All the windows made up of transparent plastic to keep the conditioned air and heat within, are nothing but polycarbonates.

Reusable water bottles

Well, polycarbonates have saved a lot of waste in the environment, and one can use polycarbonate bottles for drinking purpose over a long period. These are long-lasting and do not shrink or get crushed easily. So, isn’t it a great product to go for? Do you realize how vital polycarbonate is for the development of so many other products?

Computers and Phones

Now, let us come to the part where you would understand better. Yes, in this age of digitization, who does not know about computers and phones! The screen of our computers and phones are made up of polycarbonate. If it weren’t for excellent quality polycarbonate, then your phones would not look so great.

Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets are also used in LED light pipes and diffusers. Polycarbonates with the core strength and resistivity of all kinds are perfect for lights.

The helmets that are used in hockey, football and cricket are made up of polycarbonates. Not the entire mask but the transparent part of it.

So many areas of uses have been mentioned. Polycarbonates are essential for many industries to thrive.

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This was all about the polycarbonates. If you have other questions, then you can refer our blogs over acrylics and other related topics in the blog section. We hope you make full use of the information we provide you.