It is nearly impossible to think about life without Lexan. It is an essential input in shaping our lives by providing us with different things that enable comfortable living. If you are still thinking about what we are talking about, then let us get started.

In case you have to get in touch with Lexan Sheet Suppliers and confused as to what Lexan is then here we are getting you some clarity.

Have you heard of Lexan before?

First and foremost, we must find out what Lexan is?

Lexan is a brand that is successfully supplying polycarbonates to industries so that many products can be made out of it. Polycarbonates are the thermoplastic that can be bent and drilled easily and made into any shape. Lexan was the company that started to produce and market polycarbonates. Soon, it became a giant in supplying this product and became an essential name in the family of Lexan Sheet Suppliers. Now, significant suppliers take polycarbonates from Lexan.

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Characteristic of Polycarbonates

It is also vital that we are well aware of the characteristics of Lexan polycarbonate. This will foster better knowledge and also help to use the product to optimum capacity. Let us go through some of its significant features:

  • It is 200 times stronger than glass. This has been mentioned as the first reason because it is the strength that has made polycarbonate a far better substitute for glass. Before the polycarbonate industry developed, glass was predominantly used in many areas. Ever since its replacement, glass consumption has reduced. Lexan Sheet Suppliershave increased in number because of the increasing demand. Various industries are making full use of the product, which has led to the booming of this industry, worldwide.

  • Lexan Polycarbonates Sheets is multi-purpose product and can be utilized in many ways. We shall deal with that in another section in this blog.

  • Another essential feature of it is that it can survive under high temperature. One would require regulating a temperature of 147 degree Celsius to melt and bring a chemical change in it. This is what the temperature requirement is to deform polycarbonate. In case you need to see a polycarbonate deformed, you may ask some of the Lexan Sheet SuppliersHowever, it is not likely to happen until there is an academic or research request.

  • Another essential feature of polycarbonate that is to be remembered is that it does not crack on the edges when drilled. It could be quite tricky if drilling leads to further cracking. It often happens in several materials. But with Lexan polycarbonates, this is not the case.

  • With polycarbonates, you get high acid resistance which may be quite vital in some cases. In case you are looking for acid-resistant materials, then polycarbonates is an excellent option to go for. However, get in contact with Lexan Sheet Suppliers who maintain quality. It is super important to check out the class because you do not want to have a weak and flimsy product in the end. So, be careful and look out for something reliable and worth the price.

  • Since we are talking about features of polycarbonates, then let us mention the non-rigidity of it. The product is quite strong, but it is not rigid. This has helped us in making different secure products in different shapes and sizes.Lexan Sheet Suppliers have tremendously increased in number due to these mentioned qualities.

Demerits in Polycarbonates

However, every coin has two sides. If there are so many advantages of polycarbonates, we would not deny that there are some downsides to it. Based on the disadvantages, often, acrylics are used in place of polycarbonates and vice versa.

Although polycarbonates give a beautiful shiny transparent look, it is sad to know that it is not immune to scratches. Hence, these cannot be used in products where the scratch is a big No-No!

With its so many advantages, it is also evident that one has to pay a higher price for the product. So, if you are going to buy polycarbonates then be sure of paying high. In return, it is going to provide services that will last for decades.

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Another demerit that you will find in polycarbonates is abrasiveness. Abrasiveness is a valuable property that sometimes becomes essential and the centre of problems. So, take your decisions according to that.

Areas where Lexan Sheet Suppliers play an important role

It is not possible to list out all how Lexan is used.Lexan Sheet Suppliers have helped many industries, and its importance cannot be lessened, at any cost:

Transparent Windows

Transparent windows have become essential to modern homes. Hence, polycarbonates become a crucial material in homebuilding. There was a time when thermoplastic was not used in windows. With the advent of air-conditioners and smart heaters, these windows have become vital to living. This has also led to an increase in Lexan Sheet Suppliers.

Receptions and Counters

Polycarbonates are used herein colossal quantity. Often in receptions and counters, there are transparent plastics which are used. This is mostly polycarbonates. And, if it is from Lexan, then it is going to last for a very long time.

So, what do you think about getting Lexan polycarbonate?

Phone Screens

The screens of our phones are made up of polycarbonates. Yes, it does crack, but it does not break under usual circumstances. It gives the phone quite a hard exterior which makes it easy for the users to use.Lexan Sheet Suppliers supply a good deal of products to phone manufacturing units.

Water Bottles

Those beautiful bottles that you love to keep in the backpack are nothing but polycarbonates. Bottles that are made up of polycarbonates are durable and long-lasting. If you want to reduce waste, then quit using plastic bottles and start using reusable polycarbonate bottles. This was all about polycarbonates. Hope you have understood the uses of polycarbonates.