Perspex sheets are an advanced and most robust form of acrylic plastic sheets that are transparent and durable; most people don’t realise that it is a brand name of acrylic that is owned by a company named Lucite International. If you look over its formation, it starts its journey as a liquid, but slowly it formed into a strong and durable plastic.  Perspex cut to size in Braeside is one of the best alternatives of glass due to its sustainability, durability, and flexibility. It is a versatile, practical and cost-effective substitute of glass. If you look over past few years’ statistics, you will see Perspex has expanded more comparative to glass in several applications.

Let’s make an overview.

To name, but a few great materials are there that deserve to be put of course on a pedestal, and Perspex is one of them. If you feel a little bit curious about its formation, we are here to take you on the journey. As we have said earlier that Perspex is nothing but a premium brand of acrylic. It is chemically known as polymethyl, methacrylate or in short PMMA. Perspex cut to size in Braeside has a meaning, i.e., you can get benefit from such a material that has been produced to meet the highest possible industry standards. It has an enviable reputation, and we think it entirely deserves it due to its highest-quality and unlimited benefits.

Now you might have a question that why Perspex why not glass? Because Glass is more costly than Perspex. Yes, it is true, but you will get some extra benefits from Perspex that glass will not give you. Well, let us draw a little comparison between these two high-demand materials.

  • First look over the material composition. Glass is an amorphous composed of an inorganic compound, mainly of silica. Whereas Perspex cut to size in Braeside is a transparent thermoplastic, i.e., a petroleum-based product.
  • Let’s look over the weight of two materials. Well, here you will get a big difference. Glass has a density almost double than premium plastic sheets called Perspex. Therefore glass has almost double weight than Perspex. For this reason, only Perspex has a vast application.
  • It’s time to look over the surface glare of both materials. Perspex surface creates minimum glare comparative to the glass surface. That’s why it is useful for greenhouse and aquarium. If you consider clarity, Perspex has better clarity than glass with no optical distortion.
  • The last part is cutting and finishing to make it suitable for your use. Well, in that case, Perspex cut to size in Braeside region is effortless than glass. The glass will demand more labor than Perspex.

Still, you didn’t get your answer? Well, now we are giving you five key points, or you can call key features of Perspex sheet that will help you to understand its value. Here we go:-

Impact strength:

It is incredibly strong and durable material. It has high impact strength, i.e., 20 times greater than glass!

Superior resistance:

This premium brand of Acrylic cut to size in Melbourne has superior weather and chemical resistance. It has UV resistance too.


Perspex cut to size in Braeside is one of the best-known shatter-proof materials. It can withstand against rough handling due to flex and abrasion- resistant property. If it breaks, it doesn’t shatter into small fragments.


Yes, Perspex is one of the highly versatile materials. You can mould it to suit your requirements. It is offering you the latest range of colors and finishes to suit various applications.


Yes, this is another point, Perspex is 100% recyclable. Not only that, it is easy to fabricate. Therefore Perspex cut to size in Braeside is eco-friendly material.

Now we are taking you in the next level of the journey. This level is very crucial because here we will discuss the application. As we have said earlier Perspex has a vast application, now we will point it with individual classification. So, let’s start!

Construction purpose

Since Perspex has outstanding physical properties, excellent optical clarity, weather, UV and abrasion resistance, it is an ideal material for a construction project. You can use it to build doors, windows, patio roofing, kitchen cupboard doors, bathrooms, balcony guards and so on. You can use Perspex cut to size in Braeside Region restaurants and catering and many more commercial purposes. If you wish to have an aquarium or greenhouse in your property, it will help you. These days it is mostly used in sports stadiums and theaters.

Furniture design

Perspex has a good reputation in the world of design. You need to put your pen on to paper to give a clear idea about your furniture’s design to your manufacturer. But Perspex will give you firm design due to its variety of shades, colors, textures, and the effects too.

Visual communication

In today’s world, everyone is fighting to create their brand’s attention in front of everyone. But to make a positive impact of your brand, you need to catch consumer’s eye and also a shout ‘look at me’ display from business point’s rooftop. Perspex cut to size in Braeside region is helping in a new way to notice your brand. Over many years a trademark Acrylic suppliers in Melbourne is experimenting with the innovative idea to provide the best custom made Perspex sheet for media display that will create a striking display and also attractive signage for significant brand awareness.


Well, we are saying about Christmas lighting, we are speaking about your property’s light. You can save your energy bills by installing a Perspex sheet as a skylight. Or you can do the entire roofing with it.

Medical purpose

Perspex cut to size in Braeside region is an ideal material for hospital and laboratory use. These days Perspex sheet is using to make intraocular lenses. It is using to build medical cabinets, bioscience enclosures and many more.

Let us introduce

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