In recent statistics, it has been seen that modern homeowners are choosing Perspex over glass material for their residential as well as commercial use. Here we are discussing the popularity of Perspex over the glass. But before that, we need to know what Perspex is.

What is Perspex?

Perspex is nothing but a premium brand of Acrylic, which is chemically known as polymethyl methacrylate. Perspex cut to size in Melbourne is the premium plastic sheeting material that leads the market regarding the color option and surface texture. Cut To Size Acrylic Melbourne is proving the latest range of satin finish sheets that has clear surface finishes.

What are the key features of Perspex?

Perspex offcuts melbourne has several key points that make it well demanding among a significant number of homeowners. In modern tradition, it has become a great replacement of glass for several applications.

  • Perspex cut to size in Melbourne is has a uniform thickness and smooth finish. You can use it for various indoor as well as outdoor applications.
  • It has a 20 times greater impact strength than glass. Once you install it, you can expect long-term service from it.
  • It is not a fragile material, and don’t shatter into small fragments if broken. Therefore it is safe for your kids and pets.
  • It has a low moisture absorption rate. It doesn’t become discolor easily.
  • Clear Perspex sheets are offering 92% of light transmission that is higher than glass. You can use it as your window shades to save your energy bills.
  • The main thing you can consider about Perspex is its strong and ultra durable nature.
  • It has a lightweight, less than half of the glass. Therefore Perspex is safe and effortless to handle.
  • Perspex cut to size in Melbourne has high impact resistance, i.e., excellent weather as well as chemical resistance.
  • Perspex is well known for its exceptional clarity and has no optical distortion.
  • Perspex needs low maintenance. You can clean it quickly.

A comparison between Perspex and glass

Though both the material has various applications Perspex has more demand than glass in these days. Well, we are providing a details comparison between glass sheets and clear perspex sheet cut to size. Let’s look over the points:-

Material composition

Perspex is a transparent thermoplastic, while glass is an amorphous, i.e., non-crystalline solid. Perspex cut to size in Melbourne is plastic, i.e., a petroleum-based product, while glass is brittle and inorganic compound composed primarily of silica.

Surface glare

Though glass surface reflects light more readily than Perspex surface, it creates unwanted glare too. Therefore Perspex is becoming a more popular choice of greenhouse and aquarium makers not because of its greater impact strength but also for its minimum glare and excellent clarity.

Scratch resistance

Though glass is more difficult to scratch than Perspex cut to size in Melbourne, it is easily shattered because it is an amorphous material, i.e., a frozen liquid. But if your Perspex gets scratch, you can remove it by safe cleaners.


Here is the point, why Perspex has made it well demanding. It’s lightweight! Glass has almost twice the density of Perspex. Therefore it has twice the weight compared to Perspex of the same dimension. So you can’t handle easily as much you can for Perspex. There is another negative point of glass’s heavyweight that you have to pay a higher amount of shipping cost.

Cutting and finishing

Clear Perspex cut to size in Melbourne is much easier to cut than a glass sheet! You can cut it a variety of shapes and fit them easily according to your needs, while glass will take too many labors to do the same thing.

Material cost

Well, this is the big point, not it? Okay, here you may get some confusion and contradiction too. Let’s discuss in details about this important part. Yes, it is true that standard glasses are chipper than Perspex sheet of the same dimension. But measurements are not everything. You have to consider the added features and quality too. When comparing with same dimensional Perspex cut to size in Melbourne and glass, you can get more benefits than glass. Perspex has 20 times higher impact strength than glass and has more resistant to weathering, chemical and erosion too. On other note, glass is a fragile material, and you might need to replace it now and then but Perspex doesn’t. So, if you consider the whole calculation, you will experience how much extra cost you have to pay if you install the glass sheet. Oh one more thing, you also need to include the maintenance charge of the glass sheet, because glasses need more maintenance than Perspex!

Benefits and application of Perspex

In the above discussion, we have statements about the features of Perspex cut to size in Melbourne and also the decisive point of it. So already you may get some point about its vast benefits. It’s time to make it more transparent. Here we go:-

  • If you have any retail store, you are aware of the necessity of dependable store fixtures. In that case, you might think about some material that will give durability, strength, style and also requires minimum maintenance. In another note, you would like to highlight your specific business brand to the customer. Your all wish has one solution- Perspex cut to size in Melbourne. It is also useful for those who like to build a greenhouse or aquarium. You can use it for various replacement application too such as window shed replacement or greenhouse panel replacement.
  • You can use Perspex sheet for your domestic purpose also. You can use it as skylights, door glazing, partition walls, or for your house’s roofing.
  • You can use Perspex sheet to make display cases, wall protector, 3D printer enclosures and so on.

 Why is Cut To Size Acrylic Melbourne always the best choice?

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