Versatile acrylic products in Melbourne

Our versatile acrylic products are an ideal replacement for glass in many areas thanks to the material’s outstanding weathering capability and exceptional clarity. At less than half the weight of glass whilst up to 15 times more resistance to breakage, acrylic is 100% recyclable and suitable for contact with food.

Full range of clears, colours, tints, and frosts

Perspex and Plexiglas are both superior quality acrylic materials and they both carry a 30-year guarantee against yellowing. They can be readily used in all outdoor applications such as balustrades, pool fencing, signage, display products, aircraft, and even marine and boating applications.

Our quality Perspex range includes a sensational array of frosts and pearlescent finishes, which architects can use to great aesthetic effect. Due to their superior quality, both materials can be safely used to protect documents and valuable artwork.

The key features of this versatile plastic include:

  Outstanding weathering capability

  UV resistance

  Excellent dimensional stability

  Half the weight of glass

  Excellent hardness and durability

We supply full sheets and a cut-to-size service for all our products. Our acrylic products are available in a wide range of colours, opals, tints, translucent, and frosts.

Acrylic products are also commonly known as:







We offer a cut-to-size, on-the-spot service for our ex stock acrylic and Perspex sheets. We also provide a CNC routering a Laser cutting service for custom shapes, signage, skylights, pergola windows, automotive windows, picture frames and much more.

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