Polycarbonate and Lexan products in melbourne

Cut-to-Size Acrylic Melbourne supplies the toughest glazing material known today, polycarbonate has an impact strength 250 times greater than glass of equal thickness. Polycarbonate is used primarily for all kinds of safety, vandal resistant and theft deterrent glazing. Some common uses include machine guards, window shields for cranes and forklifts, safety visors, riot shields etc. Polycarbonate and Lexan are available in Clear, Opals and various tints with special anti-mar/anti-scratch grades with a special hardened surface that is more resistant to scratches than standard polycarbonate. Polycarbonate can be easily bent and used in fabrication.

Polycarbonate products are also commonly known as:





Thanks to their high-impact resistance and durability, polycarbonate products are ideal for a diverse range of products where safety and good optical properties are crucial, such as machine guards and safety visors.

Our Polycarbonate products are available in:


1 – 12mm thick


6 – 100mm diameter


ID: 3.2 – 123mm diameter
OD: 6.3 – 127mm diameter

Along with food-grade polycarbonate, clear, opal, and a range of tints are also available up to 12mm thick.

Some of the key features of polycarbonate products include:

 Lightweight and very high-impact resistance

 Flame retardant and self-extinguishing

 High electrical resistance

 Good dimensional stability

 Optical clarity

Polycarbonate products are suitable for, but not limited to, a diverse range of applications including:

 Machine guards

 Window shields for cranes and forklifts

 Safety visors

 Sports complexes

 Bus shelters and night desks

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