Perspex cut to size is an intelligent material that allows the natural flow of light and adds extra protection to your outdoor space. It is a lightweight panel that has high impact strength, up to 20 times greater than glass.  The material expels the harmful UV rays and enlightens an eye-catching touch. No other material has that much natural protection as much it is offering through its natural UV- stable technology. Cut To Size Acrylic Melbourne is offering Perspex sheets in Melbourne region that are easy to fabricate and are formed into a variety of shapes. Our customized Perspex cut to size sheets are dream choice of architects, builders, and designers. Our every sheet is exceptionally hard wearing yet straightforward to handle and ideal for your outdoor space. The primary reason for using our Perspex sheets is its durability and toughness. Therefore they are an excellent option for windows, secondary glazing, and skylights.

What is the difference between an acrylic sheet and a Perspex sheet?

Acrylic, which is chemically known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA. On the other hand, acrylic sheet sizes are commonly referred to as Perspex sheet. Therefore Perspex is nothing but a brand name of acrylic like any others brand name such as plexiglass, acryglas, acrylate and so on.

Key features of Perspex cut to size

Perspex is generally used for signage. It is beneficial for outdoor as well as an indoor application because it is durable enough to withstand the elements. Here are some key points that make it very popular.

  • Perspex is well known for its lightweight and has high impact resistant. The cheap perspex sheets that are providing by Cut To Size Acrylic Melbourne has excellent weather and chemical resistance. It has better impact resistance than glass. Its weight is less than half of the weight of a glass, which makes it safe and easy to handle.
  • Perspex cut to size has a uniform thickness and has a smooth finish. Its surface is just as crystal clear in its appearance and transmits up to 92% of natural light that is far more than most traditional types of glass. Cut To Size Acrylic Melbourne is providing custom built Perspex sheet that has exceptional clarity with no optical distortion.
  • If you consider its durability, it is extremely strong and durable compared to the glass sheet. In another point, it has a low moisture absorption rate and will not shatter into tiny fragments like glass if broken.
  • If maintenance is your concern, Cut To Size Acrylic Melbourne is offering Perspex cut to size in Melbourne, which needs low maintenance and is easy to clean. It can be clean with a soft cloth with a little soap and warm water.

Therefore Perspex cut to size is the perfect choice for the place, where durable, lightweight and shatterproof material is required.

Where can you use Perspex sheets?

Perspex sheet has a vast range of application. Since it has excellent impact strength, it can be used in both outdoor and indoor area. It is a perfect fit for the place where you need secondary glazing without adding extra weight. Here are some places where you can use Perspex cut to size.

Shed and window replacement

Perspex can be used for replacement of window shed. The shed will not discolor due to Perspex’s natural UV- stable technology. It is a much better option than glass and also a cost-effective way to replace your window shades. You can use it in your playhouse window too. It will create a warm and bug-free playful environment without the associated danger and harm of window glass.

Tabletop protectors

The glass table top is dangerous for your kids or pets. For safety purpose, you can use Perspex cut to size instead of glass sheet because of higher impact strength than glass. It will give you the look of real glass but preserve all the benefits of plastic.

Store display

Perspex is a suitable choice for signs and displays of home and retail space. It is mostly preferred for illuminated signage and outdoor displays because it is unaffected by UV rays and has weatherproof characteristics.

Door glazing

In modern trend, every homeowner wants a beautiful door glazing. Sometimes they use designing glass to create an eye-pleasing look at the entrance. But glass is fragile. So you might have to pay more dollars to repair it. Perspex cut to size has high impact strength and better impact resistant. So it will be a better alternative to the glass sheet.

Partition walls

If you wish to make quick partition wall in your residential as well as commercial place, Perspex is a better solution due to its strong and durable nature; it will provide real wall like feel. On the other hand, it has a beautiful looking surface that will create an aesthetic look.


The significant use of Perspex cut to size is in skylight industry due to its weather resistance and chemical resistance property. It has crystal clear surface and transmits up to 92% of natural light that will help you to save your energy bills.

Greenhouse panel

Well, you can use Perspex as greenhouse panel too. It will create a healthy and perfect atmosphere for your plants due to its chemical as well as weather resistant characteristics and low moisture absorption rate.


Perspex cut to size can be used in roofing. It has high impact strength and ultra-durability, which help you to get moderate roofing experience.

Are you looking for the best quality Perspex sheet?

If your answer is yes, then pick your phone and call Cut To Size Acrylic Melbourne. We are a trademark acrylic supplier in Australia, and our business is operated by Plastics for Industry. We are supplying top quality materials and providing best and unmatched customer service. Now you can buy Perspex cut to size direct by calling us, or you can get free and instant advice. We are offering it at an affordable price range, which is much better than from buying online.